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You know, there is some
truth to the whole
"starving artist"thing.

Artist + money = happy.
Artist + happy = more art.


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------- Well, it goes without saying that I don't
get paid for making this manga. This is the reason why
I resorted to using a free hoster with advertisments.

I do it mostly out of enjoyment of the art form,
but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't like
to get a few commissions here and there! :'D

Though, I wouldn't mind getting donations, either! Hahaha.

I make pretty much anything under the sun.
Custom anime plushies/jewlery/accessories
made from scratch, huge and elaborate
posters, shirt and clothing design,
logo design, the list goes on.

Although, I specialize in digital and traditional images.

My Deviant Art page has tons of good examples.

As for prices, I don't charge much
and will always negotiate a fair deal.

If you, or anyone, would like to donate or
purchase artwork, feel free to drop me a line
at MixMadMen@yahoo.com

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without strict intent, is coincidental.


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