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Want to know who's behind the screen on the other side of this syber space manga? Awesome, 'cause here's a tasty little nugget of info for you, you little sweetie~! <3


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Cari J. Garafalo
Also known as "MiX"

Hazel brown with a dark green outer ring.

A bit near-sighted.


Dark greyish brown, usually dyed red.

Classic nerd pale.

Messy Punk-Goth.

Special Attack:
Shockingly cheerful and friendly personality.

Needles and sea food.

Born on the 14th of December in 1988 and a native of the United States. Growing up, Cari has moved many times, and has lived in a number of diferent parts of the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California, as well as Las Vegas and more reccently the suberban areas around Chicago, Illinois.

Ever since the third grade, Cari has had an intense interest in drawing. She first decided to persue a career in art when she entered high school, and spent her freshman year in the Oakland School for the Arts. The following year she moved to Illinois and began to take a serious interest in Manga and Comic art.

Her favorite manga artists are Akira Himekawa, Nanae Chrono, Kim Young-Oh, Hiromu Arakawa, Maki Murakami, Ross Campbell, Becky Cloonan, and Nobuyuki Anzai.

Her first real atempt at making a manga was when she launched a series known as Faded Brightness, or "FaeBs" for short. Unfortunately the project never made it to the end of the first chapter, and was put off in order to make way for End of Infinity. The lead character of Faebs, Mayson, has become her unofficial personal mascot ever since. She also plans on having him do a cameo appearance in EoI, along with Fletcher who will be a crossover character.

When EoI is completed, she plans to restart the FaeBs project and hopes to have it published by a manga company such as Tokyopop, Viz, or Dark Horse. EoI on the other hand has always been planned as a web-manga, and most likely will never be published in print.

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